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15 Short Story Cliches That Need To Die

TweetHumans have been creating stories for thousands of years, so it’s inevitable that some story conventions get overused. As authors,…

And We’re Live!

TweetWow. Talk about a labor of love. There were moments when trying to get the first EVER Flash Fiction Online…

Haven’t I Met You Before?

TweetOur last post dealt with women being typecast in reoccurring roles. But this one will be a bit more general….

Buxom Bosoms and Chainmail Bras in Fiction…Or Not.
Buxom Bosoms and Chainmail Bras in Fiction...Or Not.

TweetIf I have to explain the title of this blog post, then you’ve probably been living on a different planet…

The Hollywood Formula — Flash Style!

TweetToday, Nancy DiMauro, FFO staff, blogger, and writer, breaks down the infamous Hollywood Formula: I have a confession to make….

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