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And We’re Live!

TweetWow. Talk about a labor of love. There were moments when trying to get the first EVER Flash Fiction Online…

Haven’t I Met You Before?

TweetOur last post dealt with women being typecast in reoccurring roles. But this one will be a bit more general….

Buxom Bosoms and Chainmail Bras in Fiction…Or Not.
Buxom Bosoms and Chainmail Bras in Fiction...Or Not.

TweetIf I have to explain the title of this blog post, then you’ve probably been living on a different planet…

The Hollywood Formula — Flash Style!

TweetToday, Nancy DiMauro, FFO staff, blogger, and writer, breaks down the infamous Hollywood Formula: I have a confession to make….

A Peek Behind the Editorial Curtain — The Winnowing Boards

TweetSo your beautiful little story has survived slush! Hurray, right? You’ve officially passed a major milestone. The vast majority of…

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