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How To Survive The Slushpile

TweetGetting published means getting out of the slush pile. Surviving the slushpile means getting past slush readers. The thing is,…

And We’re Live!

TweetWow. Talk about a labor of love. There were moments when trying to get the first EVER Flash Fiction Online…

No More Smarmy Sexist Stories.

TweetI wish it was as simple as a blog post. I really do. The truth is that this post probably…

Screeds Are Not Stories

TweetHello there! My name is Stefan Milićević and I am a slush reader. This is the part where you all…

I Need Your Help… aka Save Me From Snorting

TweetI need your help. No, I haven’t fallen down a well. Or been possessed by a disembodied phantom (though that…

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