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And We’re Live!

TweetWow. Talk about a labor of love. There were moments when trying to get the first EVER Flash Fiction Online…

No More Smarmy Sexist Stories.

TweetI wish it was as simple as a blog post. I really do. The truth is that this post probably…

Screeds Are Not Stories

TweetHello there! My name is Stefan Milićević and I am a slush reader. This is the part where you all…

I Need Your Help… aka Save Me From Snorting

TweetI need your help. No, I haven’t fallen down a well. Or been possessed by a disembodied phantom (though that…

Why I Won’t Buy a Story Off Your Blog

TweetI’ve been puttering around over on the Flash Fiction Online side of things (not really… I’ve been busting arse getting…

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