March 2015

An Eclectic Editorial
eclectic: adj. composed of elements drawn from a variety of sources, styles, etc. That’s the best word to describe this issue. Wish dragons, loneliness, and just plain crazy-creepy. We’re also excited to offer you podcasts of two of our stories, and interviews with their authors! Our first story, “Small Wishes” by Carol Otte, takes us [...]
Small Wishes
I missed the first appearance of the wish-dragons, so I had to hear about them second-hand from my friend Boomer. He’d been feeling pretty mellow and not fit to drive, so he’d wandered down to the docks and started singing. The moon hung low and full. Boomer said the sky filled up with streaks of [...]
The Last Man on Earth — A Mini Novel
Illustration by Dario Bijelac Chapter One:  The Last Man Watches Blazing Saddles It’s his favorite scene. The cowboys rise and fart, rise and fart, and he thinks of his wife farting in the night.   He never laughed when she did. Most of the time he was asleep when she started and half asleep when she finished. He [...]
By Dario Bijelac
The Cratch, Thy Keeper
Illustration by Dario Bijelac The Cratch am watchin’ you, boy. When that Cratch am watchin’, you better do right.  Suck a corncob if them striped birds go over. Cranes pass on high, you best bury you some young mouse teeth. Wear radishes round you neck. You see leaves blowin’, best get gone quick. If it [...]
By Dario Bijelac
An Interview with John Guzlowski
Haven’t read the story yet? Read “The Last Man on Earth — A Mini Novel” here. Speaking with John Guzlowski, I couldn’t help but feel that I sheltered under the warmth of a favorite uncle or grandfather. But his history is replete with its darkness and gravity. After the Nazis had overrun Poland, John’s family [...]
By Dario Bijelac
An Interview with Matthew F. Amati
Haven’t read the story yet? Read “The Cratch, Thy Keeper” now. SM: Tell us how you came up with “The Cratch, Thy Keeper”. MA: Eh, there wasn’t any real plan behind it. That’s the great thing about flash fiction. You just start typing, and 700 words later there’s a draft.  “Cratch” started out as a [...]
By Dario Bijelac