May 2015

Turn, Turn, Turn
My youngest child has become something of a Rubik’s Cube fanatic.  She owns ten or so, including a 12-sided cube.  She recently learned to solve a 5X5 cube and can solve the classic 3X3 cube in about 2 minutes. When completed, of course, the Rubik’s Cube has nine differently-colored sides.  Turn the cube and you [...]
Mirror Skinned
My first alien was a Cetitharian. Slender, mirror skinned, beautiful as a solar storm. I never asked him why he came up to my home-ship. I never asked him much of anything. Reflected in his skin, the cargo hold’s dull gray walls were silver. Even I, little brown mouse that I was, polished into tiger’s [...]
By Dario Bijelac
Wikipedia Abduction Myth
Wikipedia Abduction Myth From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia The “Wikipedia Abduction Myth” is an urban legend and conspiracy theory asserting that the free internet encyclopedia Wikipedia is actually written by a group of American scholars held captive in Russia. No credible evidence supports for the love of god help us this assertion and it is [...]
By Dario Bijelac
The Cormorant in the Glass-Bottomed Cage
The river nudged my log raft against its mooring post with a steady thud on the night I first saw Old Qiu’s woman. Sitting on her knees at the end of his boat, she offered his cormorants a few of the small fish they’d caught that day. Her young, round face echoed the full moon, [...]
By Dario Bijelac
When the Selkie Comes
My name is not Elisabeth. My eyes are not full of tears. My life has not just changed forever. My best friend is not dead.  Mum screeches my full name like a fishwife, carrying over the howling winds of the bay, and the magic is broken. Every evening I sit looking over the sharp rocks [...]
An Interview with Kelly Sandoval
Author of “Mirror Skinned” This month’s interview is with Kelly Sandoval, the author of “Mirror Skinned,” and “Home Isn’t.” She’s a quintessential nerd. When I called her, she was glum over having missed out on a game of Pathfinder in her area. We had a great afterwards during our interview bonding over our writing heroes [...]
By Dario Bijelac
An Interview with Rebecca Birch
Author of “The Cormorant in the Glass-Bottomed Cage” Anna Yeatts: Congratulations on getting “The Cormorant in a Glass-Bottomed Cage” published with Flash Fiction Online! Tell us the story behind the story if you will. Rebecca Birch: Thanks very much! I’m thrilled to be published in Flash Fiction Online. As to the story, I’m involved in [...]
By Dario Bijelac