August 2014

Strength in Numbers
I like to believe I can fend for myself — that I’m a strong, capable woman who can take life on the chin. But every now and again, when I’m sent reeling toward either end of the spectrum, extreme happiness or sadness, I find I’m not quite so invincible by myself. I need companionship. Family, [...]
Kitsune no Yomeiri
I found the painting in the basement in a Japanese tansu. Noriko had moved in a lot of antique furniture when we got married, primarily from the late Edo period, and I had lost track of most of it. The painting itself was buried underneath a stack of clothing and wrapped in old brown paper. [...]
6 Attempts at Winning Jennifer’s Heart
Attempt 1: Talk to her. “Hi,” I say in the break room at Innovations Worldwide, though this is debatable. I might have only cleared my throat. Regardless, I am counting this as the first word I have uttered to Jennifer. She looks up from her tablet. Her green eyes sparkle in the fluorescent light. She’s [...]
Street art by the Norwegian artist Dolk. Taken in Bergen in 2009.
On the Fly
It was ten fifty in the morning and he was squinting through one eye as he diced vegetables. The other eye was swollen shut. Jorge had just a vague recollection of the fifth–sixth?–bar last night after work, and someone talking smack. The fat ass kept on calling him “Chef” as they played a game of [...]