October 2014

O is for October
O, it turns out, is also for Oddness, and oddness is the prevailing theme of the month. “You know an odd feeling?” said comedian George Carlin. “Sitting on the toilet eating a chocolate bar.” What? Where did that come from? Why is that funny? Because it’s odd. Because it surprises you with some ordinary experiences [...]
They were beating on the door. Huey could hear it rattling, see it shaking in the frame. They were going to take him away and lock him up like he was crazy. And this was only fair, Huey reflected, edging a little further out onto the ledge. The cars below looked like droplets of blood [...]
The Liar
The boy, who would rather be called a man, was dying. Fire ate at the old forest, but the Liar couldn’t feel the heat. He felt only the boy’s fear, his pain, his regret. The way his bloody fingers slipped over the buttons as he tried to radio for help. The machine was dead, but [...]
The Liar
If You Want
You are not the son your parents hoped for. Your father is a minister. Your mother is a would-be Olympic skater, a famous local beauty who blew out her knee at the age of 17. They wanted a son to be proud of, a confident son with friends and followers, a clever son who could [...]