January 2015

The Power of One
Sometimes a story comes along in which one character captivates you, or one person steers events in surprising and satisfying ways.  Or one act that makes a meaningful difference.  Or one life that, only months before, had not existed but whose story needed to be told for the benefit of the cosmic alignment of stars [...]
Cliona’s Coat
  The old woman sits nights on the porch of Marcel’s bar in Le Havre, on the side facing the waves, wearing a fur coat. Her fingers are gnarled mangrove roots around a glass of something thick and amber that Old Marcel refills for her without being asked, and without ever asking to be paid. [...]
Death Comes for the Microbot
Bee waved its articulated chrome antennae at Dr. Nesbeth’s hunched shoulders. When the doctor remained focused on the Petri dish, the microbot launched into the air, wings creaking, and hovered near the doctor’s eyes. The microbot’s internal code flashed a warning that wing failure was imminent. The doctor sighed.  “Yes, Bee, I see you there,” she [...]
Star Box
The Old Man opened the old wooden box and lifted out Betelgeuse, red and shining, and the other stars of Orion followed like pearls on a string. He arranged the constellation on his work table. Orion’s shoulders and legs were the brightest points, and the belt glowed blue. Beside the constellation, the box radiated starlight [...]
By Dario Bijelac