December 2014

Hope in the Midst
An ancient Irish carol says, “The darkest midnight in December, no snow, nor hail, nor winter storm / Shall hinder us for to remember the babe that on this night was born.”  Those haunting lines speak of hope in the midst of the the deepest despair.   Our Christmas story this year is just as [...]
Hairbrush, Socks, Pencils, Orange
I didn’t have the kind of father who would fake reindeer tracks. And Mom would never have left us alone in the house, not even for as long as it might take to do it.  So I knew no human made those marks. My sister Stacy wasn’t convinced it had been reindeer. Any animal could [...]
By Dario Bijelac
When Death’s Daughter Deals the Cards
Death’s daughter walks into my bar, her steps as smooth as a silver dollar gliding down a silk sheet. She’s dressed in a black suit and carries a coffin slung over her shoulder. The coffin’s an ugly, misshapen affair and covered in cankers of rust. The letters engraved on the lid are reduced to tell-tale [...]
By Dario Bijelac
The Secret Life of Sea Monsters
They live in crowded old apartment buildings, leaning up against the walls at night to listen to the sounds the pipes make, the transit of air and water from here to there. Sometimes they will sing strange songs, harmonizing with the pipes and the sirens and the city sounds from beyond their apartment walls. They [...]
By Dario Bijelac