April 2014

Extraordinary Possibilities
Actress Kandyse McClure, best known for her portrayal of Anastasia Dualla in the Sci-Fi Channel’s Battlestar Galactica series, once said: “I’ve always loved the power of stories to transport me to another world, to imagine extraordinary possibilities, to experience things I may not have access to in my regular life…” With this month’s issue we [...]
“Change your life,” the poster says. “With one simple surgery, you can live fully in the moment. No stress, no worries, no lies.” The text is accompanied by the usual images. Smiling adults, laughing children, a couple on a sunset beach walking and holding hands. That’s all, but I pick up a brochure anyway–if nothing [...]
I Imagine Myself as Rath Ducha
The rain fell everywhere, ruining our crops, flooding our homes, making rivers of the streets. We gathered, hundreds of us, thousands, half in hope and half because nothing else was left for us to do. I like to imagine how we looked from the tower: the crowd stretching like a turbulent and dark sea toward [...]
One Last Night at the Carnival Before the Stars Go Out
Lady Earth went to the Galactic Carnival in a gown of watery blue and earthy green, with a shawl of swirling gray clouds. The back of her gown was black, but decorated with the lights of thousands of cities. Her pet, Moon, trailed behind her. “Guess your mass, Madam?” Mars asked, teasing. She twirled for [...]