Next Publication Date: May 5, 2009

As a reminder, we publish on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month. Our May issue will be available on Tuesday, May 5. The lineup is:

* Bryan S. Wang, “Descent”, a literary story that doesn’t really make me long for the glory days of my youth.

* Isaac Espriu, “Jack Rabbit”, a story that makes me, a Crackberry addict, worry about my future.

* KJ Kabza, “Billions of Stars”, a story that makes me think that things aren’t always so bad after all. 🙂

Bruce Holland Rogers will be with us as always. After all, he always hits his deadlines, even when self-imposed: he published his three April stories for subscribers late last night!

Our Classic Flash will again come from that incredibly rich source of humor, Punch. In celebration of Cinco de Mayo, which is a celebration of the victory of outnumbered Mexican soldiers against the French / Mexican army at Puebla in 1862, we’ll be publishing the only war-oriented classic short-short story I could find that involved the French: To The Death, from the March 26, 1919 issue. I hope you’ll be as amused as I was.

See you then!