Flex Your Flash Fiction Muscles for Fun with Flash! Friday

by Patrick Icasas, Flash Fiction Online Staff


Some people have drinks on a Friday night. Some go to the movies. Some write flash fiction.

The latter is certainly the case for Rebekah Postupak and her friends in the Shenandoah Valley Writers community. An avid author and connoisseur of flash fiction, Rebekah wanted a regular contest whose format and theme varied each week and cemented the sense of writerly camaraderie in her area, and whoever happened to be wandering around online.

She started the contest on December 7, 2012, regularly challenging writers by asking them to use a photo prompt and a required element, which is anything from a theme (revenge) to a specific thing (an alien). At one point, Rebekah asked writers to use a word count of exactly 50 words.
Stories are judged by a rotating judges panel (although Rebekah still takes her voting rights seriously). Winners get recognition on the Flash! Friday website, a front page feature interview, a badge that they can show off on Facebook, and the satisfaction of having met one of Rebekah’s zany challenges.

Flash! Friday’s second year anniversary is fast approaching, and Rebekah’s got big plans for it. The 2nd anniversary contest format is going to be totally new. The first round of stories will be open to submission today and tomorrow (Friday-Saturday, Dec 5-6), with the results posted Dec 7. Semifinalists will then be offered a second prompt and be given the option to submit a new story, or keep their original submission.

Prizes are secret, and will be announced at the same time the writing prompts are announced, but Rebekah promises they’ll be awesome!

Your time window for first-round submissions is 48 hours (from Dec 5, 12:01 AM EST to Dec 6, 11:59 PM EST). Submission period for the second round is from Dec 7, 12:00 NN EST to Dec 9, 11:59 AM EST.

Want to participate? Head on over to Flash! Friday on December 5 to get your first-round writing prompts!