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Welcome to Flash Fiction Online – short stories for the modern reader.

You’re a reader.

If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be here right now.

And when I realized you what you were–a reader–I smiled. I did. Sitting right here on my couch with my cat and my laptop, I’m that happy to know that you found us and our offbeat stories. You can cue in the “aw, shucks” music if you want, but I’m not kidding. This little fiction magazine is a labor of love (except it’s not that little anymore).

I had to make some tough choices this year. Look life in the eyes and decide what I wanted out of it. And I decided that come hell or high water (yes, I’m from the American South), I wanted Flash Fiction Online to keep publishing the best short fiction stories the staff, and I can find.

Is it easy keeping a magazine afloat?

Sorry, but that was the most unladylike noise you just heard me make and I won’t even tell you what beverage I was or wasn’t sipping when it went down the wrong pipe.

But thanks for asking.

What keeps me going is seeing the finished product. I love watching our authors’ Tweets and Facebook posts go out on the first day of the month. Their excitement at being published in Flash Fiction Online is so contagious it makes all those other times (you know which ones: the staring-down-at-the-stack-of-credit-card-bills and the gah-do-I-really-have-to-format-ANOTHER-epub) worth it.

And you’re a reader (I knew you were). You understand that first special moment when you open the new issue, not sure yet what it will contain, and at that moment, the possibilities are endless. Only in fiction, in stories, short or long, micro or flash, anywhere in between, can we embrace that moment so fully. The idea that anything could unfold out of those pages is why we read.

In this day and age, with thousands of free books at your fingertips, what does Flash Fiction Online have to offer that you can’t find anywhere else?


I’ll tell you. But you have to come close.

It’s why you read–because I know you do.

We’re dreaming with our eyes open. At times, so terrifying and powerful we want to lay down and hold our bellies and wait for it to pass, but at others…the sensation when a lover brushes their finger across your skin, the way a soap bubble trembles just before it pops into a myriad of colors, a single sentence that changes everything.

Dream with us.

Pick a page and go–like diving headfirst into a pool full of clear, cold water.

And…after you’re done, if you like what you’ve read here, if you feel at home like you’ve found your people, support us in whatever way you can. Because the work is hard even though, we love what we do.

Be our Patron.

Buy our issues.





Book on a Table
Use this picture as a writing prompt and either send us your story or leave it in the comment box below (NOTE: stories left in the comments are not a submission but we love them just as much).