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When the first snow falls, it burns. The other women dance in the flurry without me, beneath a moon clouded by giants’ breath. Snowflakes spin into their open mouths and dust their outstretched hands. They dance that winter’s planting will be done, that their wombs will spill over with its seed. They dance that summer’s […]


To the Havens

“Sarge? There’s a–thing–I’ve found at Pier Seventeen. I think you need to see this.” The voice on the other end of the line held just a hint of a quaver. George Aklaq grimaced at his screen. Trust the new kid to find trouble twenty minutes before the end of a shift, and just before his […]


The Snow Globe

I told myself it was a dream, that time my sister Clara took the screen out of our second-floor window, bade me silent with a press of her nail-bitten finger to her lips, and flung herself from the sill. In the dream-that-wasn’t, a goose made of snow and starlight whooshed out of the front lawn […]


The Brownies of Death

The dark, delicious aroma of brownies filled the kitchen as they cooled. Betty Compton put the kettle on the stove. Cheryl had given her an electric one for Mother’s Day, but Betty preferred the old fashioned way. The phone beeped. They don’t ring anymore. Betty wished they did. How did you know it was the […]


Sapience and Maternal Instinct

SHE HAD MY TEETH. I hadn’t expected to recognize myself in her, but when she greeted me, her maroon lips parting into a crescent, there they were. My teeth. White, flat, and surprisingly human. I forced myself to look into her too large eyes as her warm, seven-fingered hand wrapped around mine. Black with purple […]


White Elephant

The hole in my mouth goes deeper than the missing tooth. It burns and then is numb, like rubbing alcohol on a wound, and it radiates down my jaw and into my throat and stretches fingers through my lungs, and it’s obvious that a part of me is missing, has been pulled out with pliers and […]


The Wedding Gig

“It’s hot,” the saxophone player says with a shrug. “Right?” The bass player nods. He showed up in a Metallica t-shirt. The saxophone player wears short sleeves under a jacket with the lining cut out. He told me so. I’m wearing what we always wore to wedding gigs: a tuxedo jacket with velvet lapels over […]


Bugs Eat Light

Rustles and scratches fill our pitch-black sitting room. Bugs. Digging through cracks in the walls, searching for moonshine to gorge on. I sink back against the sofa cushion, grateful for the wooden boards on the window, and wrap my fingers around Lee’s pocket torch. My head aches. The blisters on my socked feet sting and […]


Pieces of My Body

I gave my left arm to Elizabeth. You’ve never met her, but she was my dearest childhood friend. After my disembodiment party, she went home to London and put it on her end table, hand side down, with a lampshade made of green velvet and children’s nightmares. The nightmares gnawed at the nerve endings on […]


Your Past Life Interferes With My Very Important Studies

Mike Your past life drank all the milk again. Please get more on the way back from lectures today. Also, takeaway tonight? Love Kay P.S. Is it true Janey’s PL was Helen of Troy? Lucky bitch! * * * Mike Just a quick note to say I added some observations to the sheet for yesterday. […]


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