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Illustration of man and woman kissing by Dario Bijelac

When a Theme Arises Organically

Over the course of the past ten years we’ve done quite a few themed issues. Often magazines or anthologies will have themes, and often they call for submissions of stories with certain themes. We don’t, really. At most we have a separate submission category for Seasonal submissions–stories that might fit a particular holiday. But we […]


Flash Fiction Online January 2018

New Year, New Life

This year I’m celebrating my 51st New Year. I have many fond memories of family, food, games, traditions. As a child we would step out our front door and bang pot lids with wooden spoons to ring in the new year. I still watch Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve, at least for those last […]


A dark woods for the December cover of Flash Fiction Online

A Different Kind of December

This is not your usual holiday issue. There are no jolly elves or mistletoe garlands. No perfectly decorated trees full of fairy lights or any other toothsomely sweet tableaus appear in our stories this December. But this is a holiday issue. In Kafka on the Shore, Haruki Murakami writes: “And once the storm is over, […]


Art by Dario Bijelac

Love and Monsters!

Perfect for Halloween, because Halloween is all about monsters, and I love Halloween. Halloween for my family is a long-anticipated yearly event. Only Christmas is more anticipated—and just barely. Each year we fry donuts. Dozens of donuts. Nearly 200 last year. Half the neighborhood hangs out at our house Halloween night. No wonder, eh? No, […]


no image

Wait!  Don’t Go!

In the past we’ve asked you, dear reader, to bear with us, to stretch your minds and hearts, to try new things. For example, last March we asked you to indulge us in a Horror issue. You trusted us, and we gave you four terribly creepy tales that we hope you enjoyed, despite your preconceived […]


Flash Fiction Online August 2017

A Quick Jaunt Through Space and Time

As summer draws to a blistering end, it’s time to look back and wonder how it flew by so fast—and yet so slowly. As someone with children (aka she who has been pelted with pool noodles, bottles of sunscreen, orphaned flip-flops, board game boxes, and Cheetos wrappers), the weeks between the last day of school […]


no image

High Expectations

This past February I celebrated ten years with Flash Fiction Online. From the beginning, I distinguished myself as harder than most on the stories I read. It took a great deal to sell me on a story. Now, here I am, 50 years old, and pondering what it is about myself—the development of my own […]


Cover of flash fiction online june 2017 issue

All About Choices

“If you choose not to decide, you still have made a choice.” ~Neil Peart of the band Rush. Neil Peart is considered to be the best percussionist of all time. Here’s a link to one of Neil’s amazing percussion solos. We discovered a few years ago—much to our chagrin—that our youngest child is a percussionist. […]


Dear Hannah, Congratulations on your Graduation. May You Go Far. Love, FFO (Because Yes, We Hijacked Your Title to Tell You That in Front of All These People)

Spring: the season of tulips, robins, baby animals, and—if you live in Utah—freak hail storms, apparently. Come on May, get it together already. Spring is also the season of graduations. It’s the season for romance. And it’s the start of wedding season. Spring is a season of change and transformation, a time when world religions […]


FFO April 2017

Dread, Dread, Gory Details

Let’s face it; sometimes you need a laugh. Alternatively, a reason to look a little sideways at life. There are few genres more challenging to write than humor, but in this issue, our authors elevated short fiction funny to a whole new level. Their styles vary as much as their main characters, but one thing […]


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