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Finding Hope

On a personal level, this has been a challenging year. It’s not something I like to talk about. Or even want to talk about, much less share the details in an editorial. I learned a lot about sadness and regret, but ultimately I learned the most about what hope feels like. It didn’t come in […]


Maternal Instinct

As women, maternal instinct runs deep in some of us. I say some of us because, like any human trait, its presence or absence can vary to a great degree. I suppose it could be said that variation from the norm is the norm.  I had no maternal instinct as a child and young adult. I hated dolls, […]


Beautifully Tipped Over

With apologies to our readers in the southern hemisphere: Summer is here!! Double exclamation mark, swimming pools, vacations, the sun in your eyes, hot sidewalks, summer. My first summer tradition is already taken care of. I’ve read Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine for the umpteenth time. I’ve walked the ravine with Douglas Spaulding, fumed over never-mown grass with […]


To Mothers Everywhere

Mother’s Day is a celebration of mothers, motherhood, and the profound influence women have on shaping the world of the future. The holiday is observed in over 40 nations worldwide, with well over three-quarters of those nations celebrating in the month of May. When I was a child, Mother’s Day was an affair rife with […]


A Month of Holidays

April is a month of holidays, some odd (Hug an Australian Day), some historical (Cosmonaut’s Day, Russia), some religious (Passover, Jewish), some patriotic (Day of Valor, Philippines). I think I’ve found the perfect holiday for each of our stories this month. See what you think. April 1st, April Fool’s Day (Western Europe and the United States): This […]


Swimming in the Strange

I remember picking up a National Geographic as a kid and seeing pictures of snaggle-toothed, bulbous-eyed, ferocious-looking deep-sea fishes; creatures so strange they looked as if they belonged on some alien world, not the world I knew. I also recognize that photos like these—proof that such things exist—left me mildly afraid of deep, dark water. […]


In Memoriam – Lydia Ondrusek

This week the world should have stopped its eternal axial spin, every living thing should have held its breath and taken notice. Because this week we lost one of our own. Staff member Lydia Ondrusek passed away on Monday, January 25th. In support of her family and acknowledgment of her life we dedicate this issue […]


When the Heart Murmurs

This thing we call a heart that beats persistently in our chests is a sturdy yet infuriating and fragile thing. It functions without ceasing for decades despite neglect and, eventually, age. But a single word can tear it in two. It can deceive us and mislead us. It can cause us to soar into fits […]


The Power of Contemplation

HAPPY NEW YEAR! After the champagne is sipped, after the kisses are given, after Auld Lang Syne has been sung and the confetti swept up, we toddle off to bed and lie awake thinking about what we want this new year to bring. At least I hope we do.  Aristotle said, “The ultimate value of […]


Let It Snow

A couple of months ago my son returned to the US after living for two years in Melbourne, Australia. He loved it there. But he never got used to Christmas in the summertime. Barbecues in the back yard instead of hot cocoa by the fire. Decorations that consist of flowers rather than Christmas lights. No […]


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