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Welcome to November

WELCOME TO NOVEMBER! What? Already? Where did the year go? Yes, children. It’s November. And here in the United States what do we think of when November arrives? Yes. Food. We think of food. Lots of food. Big foody things. Like turkeys. Do you know how big a turkey is? A newborn baby could fit […]


In Old October

Author Thomas Wolfe (1900-1938) wrote, “All things on earth point home in old October; sailors to sea, travelers to walls and fences, hunters to field and hollow and the long voice of the hounds, the lover to the love he has forsaken.” That’s all well and good if home is a place worth going home […]


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The September of No Regrets

Remember that cheesy Tom Jones song from the 70s? “Try to remember the kind of September when life was slow and oh, so mellow…” Yeah. I’ve tried to forget it, too. Yet here I am, in the September of my life (maybe early August, late July if I’m lucky). How did that happen? Unlike Ol’ […]


There’s Something in the Air

Hello, August. I live in the South so, for me, August means hot, sticky days and afternoon thunderstorms that roll in, shake the house, and carry out some of that all encompassing humidity. It means palmetto bugs the size of mice and spiderwebs large enough to ensnare a grown man. And of course, August means […]


The Art of Writing

I’m sitting in my living room, my feet up on a laundry basket, Bones streaming on Netflix, the sounds of a young violin student trying to manhandle something beautiful out of an instrument that can be as cantankerous as a badger coming from the other room. I’m also listening to a podcast. It’s on, […]


Galloping Insanity

One of our family’s favorite films is the Cary Grant classic “Arsenic and Old Lace,” in which Grant’s young and dashing character, Mortimer Brewster, about to elope with his sweetheart, discovers that his adorable maiden aunts have been happily murdering lonely old men (which they consider putting the poor dears out of their misery) and […]


Turn, Turn, Turn

My youngest child has become something of a Rubik’s Cube fanatic.  She owns ten or so, including a 12-sided cube.  She recently learned to solve a 5X5 cube and can solve the classic 3X3 cube in about 2 minutes. When completed, of course, the Rubik’s Cube has nine differently-colored sides.  Turn the cube, and you […]


Editorially Resolved

American novelist, Chuck Palahniuk, once said, “People don’t want their lives fixed. Nobody wants their problems solved. Their dramas. Their distractions. Their stories resolved. Their messes cleaned up. Because what would they have left? Just the big scary unknown.“ That’s true of life, isn’t it?  I mean, we all dream of a time when we […]


An Eclectic Editorial

eclectic: adj. composed of elements drawn from a variety of sources, styles, etc. That’s the best word to describe this issue. Wish dragons, loneliness, and just plain crazy-creepy. We’re also excited to offer you podcasts of two of our stories, and interviews with their authors! Our first story, “Small Wishes” by Carol Otte, takes us […]


In This Issue

It’s getting chilly here in New Jersey. Plants are fading, sunset is coming earlier. We’re slowly descending into the gloom of winter. The approach of the season brings its own pleasures, too, often stemming from the juxtaposition of opposites: a cup of hot apple cider steaming in the cool outside air, the smell of burning […]


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