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In Living Memory

This month’s stories are all sort of past-perfect, for you grammar wonks; all of them involve things the main characters once had. Polenth Blake’s main character in “Through Amber Eyes” seems to be looking for her past, but, knowing she can’t find it, takes a different route to knowing who she is. I enjoyed this […]


Before Your Next Critique Group…

Have you writers ever been critiqued in such a scathing, vicious fashion that you don’t know whether you want to crawl into a hole or beat the critquer with a bat? Can you imagine getting that kind of critique from Mark Twain? I don’t know what James Fenimore Cooper did on reading Twain’s critique of […]


Playing Dice With The Issue

Chance also plays a role in “The Numbers Game” by Michael Aaron. This starts off like stereotypical sword-and-sorcery, but there’s an unusual reason that everything seems to fall into place just so. Even our Classic Flash starts off with a bet, and although that’s not the point of the story, the ending left me saying, […]


An Alumni Issue

I’ve said before that themes seem to suggest themselves with many issues. In this case, it’s the authors who are similar rather than the stories: They’ve all been published in Flash Fiction Online before. In March, we published Andrew Gudgel’s “On Green Hills”. This month, he brings you “Tags”. The only way I can think […]


Slouching Toward Halloween

With Halloween coming up, I thought it might be nice (?) to serve up a few horror stories. Zombies have become a bit too trendy, as Becoming Normal shows. When She’s Ready isn’t supernatural horror, and might not be categorized as horror at all, but it still seems to merit a place here. Childhood Fears […]


In This Issue

This month’s first story is “Canine 401(k)” by Gina Sakalarios-Rogers. I liked this one (if “like” is the right word — it’s not exactly a pleasant premise) because it’s such a clear vision of different personalities: rule-oriented and results-oriented, emotional and cynical, idealistic and pragmatic. Next we have “Dragonslayer” by Peter McLean. It’s a fantasy. […]


A New Year

This is our third anniversary issue; our first issue went live in December of 2007. Congratulations to us. 🙂 I guess we like to start new things with Bruce Holland Rogers. He was one of the first authors we published, with the story “Reconstruction Work.” (The other author was Suzanne Vincent, who later joined the […]


Our February Issue

Welcome to February! You may have noticed that we skipped the January issue. For a variety of reasons, that month has always been difficult for me to manage, and this year was the worst in a long time. Next year I’ll bake a double issue into December (Merry Christmas!) and have a planned skip in […]


Naming the Baby: Titles (Part I of II)

This is the second column in Bruce Holland Rogers’s new writing series, Technically Speaking. The first column, and the entirety of his Short-Short Sighted columns (dedicated to writing very short fiction), visit his author page. Titles are hard. They have to accomplish a lot in a few words. The ideal title will attract the reader […]


On the March

This month we’re a little more mainstream than usual. Our first story, “Deconstructing The Nihilist” struck me as interesting because of the development of the narrator, who is essentially seeing the lack of development in her lover. His assessment of her becomes more disconcerting over time, and the not-with-a-bang-but-a-whimper result seems just right for this […]


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