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On the March

This month we’re a little more mainstream than usual. Our first story, “Deconstructing The Nihilist” struck me as interesting because of the development of the narrator, who is essentially seeing the lack of development in her lover. His assessment of her becomes more disconcerting over time, and the not-with-a-bang-but-a-whimper result seems just right for this […]


Naming the Baby: Titles (Part II of II)

This is the third column in Bruce Holland Rogers’s new writing series, Technically Speaking. The first column, and the entirety of his Short-Short Sighted columns (dedicated to writing very short fiction), visit his author page. In part one of this article, Bruce explained some theory and then wrote: The title pulls the reader in. Then […]


April Fools

Every year, we get some submissions that just seem a little out there. April, the month for fools, seems to be a good time to let the best of them get some ink. It seems that two of our fools are also favorites of ours: Michael Aaron and John Wiswell have been published before in […]


Make It A Good Lie – Versimilitude

This is the fourth column in Bruce Holland Rogers’s new writing series, Technically Speaking. For more of his columns, visit his author page. One of the questions often asked of novelists and story writers is “How did you get your start?” The answer I most often give is, “I lied a lot as a child.” […]


Short Changed

I enjoyed the sense of change that I got out of this month’s short stories. They capture a lot about change in a very short space. In Camille Alexa’s slipstream piece “Girl-Shaped Jar,” a woman who needs to change makes a decision to do so and follows through on it. Her choice of changes is […]


Tea Party Rules – The Story Contract

This is the fifth column in Bruce Holland Rogers’s new writing series, Technically Speaking. For more of his columns, visit his author page. In the previous column I said that fiction is a special variety of lie because it is collaborative. The reader participates in making the lie into a simulated truth and responds to […]


Say Hello To….

The very first Flash Fiction Online Anthology! It’s been a long time coming (seven years and more than 150 stories)  but we’re proud to announce the publication of this little beauty: Flash Fiction Online, under the direction of publisher Anna Yeatts and Editor in Chief Suzanne W. Vincent, is proud to offer you—the frenetic 21st […]


True Love

You know what I love? I love me a memorable character. Let me qualify that. I love me a memorable character that leaves me wanting to step into the story and walk away with him.  Or a character I wish could hear me as I warn her about the danger she’s about to step into.  […]


Motivations and Choices

Flash fiction requires, perhaps more than any other form of writing besides poetry, a deep understanding of human nature and motivations. In only a few dozen-to-thousand words, the reader has to immediately understand what the characters want, why they want it, and why they think they can get it with the choices they make. Each […]


Halloween and Regrouping

This Halloween season, we have two eerie new stories and a Classic Flash. “All Mimsy” is the first work of fiction published by Kelly Wright. I read it four times the first time I sat down to it, because everything is a-kilter: The narration is odd, the personalities are odd, the world we’re taken to […]


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