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An Interview with C. L. Holland – Author of “Your Past Life Interferes With My Very Important Studies”

Anna Yeatts: First of all, congratulations on “Your Past Life Interferes With My Very Important Studies”. Tell us the story that inspired this piece. C.L. Holland: Thank you! The story came about as part of a writing challenge over at Codex Writers’ Forum. It was a prompt-based challenge, one of the prompts was to use […]


An Interview with Sunil Patel – Author of “Marcie’s Waffles Are the Best in Town”

Stanley Lee: So, let’s start at the beginning. When did writing become a regular part of your life? Was this something that you had aimed for since a young age or did you stumble into it in adulthood? Sunil Patel: Writing was definitely in me since I was a kid. The first thing I remember […]


An Interview with Brontë Wieland – Author of “I Found Solace in a Great Moving Shadow”

Anna Yeatts: Congratulations on publishing “I Found Solace in a Great Moving Shadow” with Flash Fiction Online! Tell us the story behind the story if you will. Brontë Wieland: Thank you! I’m honored to see my story find such a great home. “I Found Solace…” has its genesis in two unrelated, but integral, moments. I […]


An Interview with Kelly Sandoval

Author of “Mirror Skinned” This month’s interview is with Kelly Sandoval, the author of “Mirror Skinned,” and “Home Isn’t.” She’s a quintessential nerd. When I called her, she was glum over having missed out on a game of Pathfinder in her area. We had a great afterward during our interview bonding over our writing heroes […]


An Interview with Rebecca Birch

Author of “The Cormorant in the Glass-Bottomed Cage.” Anna Yeatts: Congratulations on getting “The Cormorant in a Glass-Bottomed Cage” published with Flash Fiction Online! Tell us the story behind the story if you will. Rebecca Birch: Thanks very much! I’m thrilled to be published in Flash Fiction Online. As to the story, I’m involved in […]


An Interview with Laura Pearlman

Read “I Am Graalnak of the Vroon Empire…” here. Elizabeth Shack: “I Am Graalnak…” started with a contest on the Codex writing forum. What can you tell us about writing to prompts? Laura Pearlman: One thing I like about these flash contests is the combination of a prompt and a deadline. The prompt for this […]


An Interview with Marina Lostetter

Read “Comet Man” here. Stefan Milicevic: Congratulations on getting “Comet Man” republished with Flash Fiction Online! Tell us how you came to write it. Marina Lostetter: Thank you!  I’m a member of the Codex writing community, and every year there’s a five-week-long contest in which the participants all produce a new flash-length story every weekend.  […]


An Interview with K.C. Norton

K.C. Norton is a young graduate of the Vermont College of Fine Arts who has had two fantastic stories printed in Flash Fiction Online: “Rumplestiltskin in Love” and now, “The Kiss” (listen to the podcast here). Her story, “Canth,” was also featured in Lightspeed Magazine’s, “Women Destroy Science Fiction” anthology. We often laughed during our […]


An Interview with Matthew F. Amati

Haven’t read the story yet? Read “The Cratch, Thy Keeper” now. SM: Tell us how you came up with “The Cratch, Thy Keeper”. MA: Eh, there wasn’t any real plan behind it. That’s the great thing about flash fiction. You just start typing, and 700 words later there’s a draft.  “Cratch” started out as a […]


An Interview with John Guzlowski

Haven’t read the story yet? Read “The Last Man on Earth — A Mini-Novel” here. Speaking with John Guzlowski, I couldn’t help but feel that I sheltered under the warmth of a favorite uncle or grandfather. But his history is replete with its darkness and gravity. After the Nazis had overrun Poland, John’s family was […]


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