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Kolkata Sea

I remember the time my mother took me to see the city where I was born. She was a young woman then. There were sea-birds rippling through the warm white sky high above her head, drifting like ashes on the summer breeze. I was in her lap, slightly nauseous from the motion of our vessel […]


The Invisible Man

This story collection is an exemplar for Short-short Sighted #24, “By The Numbers: The Prose Sonnet”. When the guy with the junked-out cars moved into the house two doors down, I said to Glenna, “I don’t understand why someone like that would move into a neighborhood like ours.” But Glenna bought a ham, cut some […]



This story collection is an exemplar for Short-short Sighted #24, “By The Numbers: The Prose Sonnet”. Snow. Ice. Heavy skies. All flights delayed. Morris wished he could smoke. He wished that he could go stand outside. This is what life becomes, he thought, watching ice collect on grounded wings. The career he’d expected to take […]


When She’s Ready

She wakes up early. She gets her hair up, she gets her things together, and she’s out the door. If she can do that, she can do anything. She keeps her boots in the car. She carries extra socks, band-aids, saline for her eyes. She comes prepared. Life is unpredictable. She puts on her boots […]


Love is Strange

This story collection is an exemplar for Short-short Sighted #26, “Again Again Again: Repetition”. Todd and I were having a beer at the Folsom Grill, and I said, “You know, I saw Angela again today.” “Yeah?” he said. “Where?” “At a department store. She was there with some guy named Jim. Scruffy beard. Kind of […]



A summer night, a porch swing, Grandma Clara gently rocking. A girl comes out from the house. She stares in the dark. “Mom wants you back inside,” she says. “Now.” “No, baby, not yet. Come sit with me.” Clara makes room for her on the swing. The girl stares. “Just one minute, Izzy. I promise.” […]


Firing Squad

Lord knows I didn’t want to shoot Mendez. Hell, he was only a green kid, a frontline infantry replacement just up from boot camp. He acted gung-ho, but he’d never been exposed to live action before. I knew the stark terror he must have felt a few days ago when the enemy tanks rolled over […]



First we’ll clock you in on the computer and then you can start following me around. Your clock-in number is always the last four digits of your Social Security number, but for tonight you’ll need my number to get to the tables on the screen. Ever use Aloha before? It’s a pretty straightforward system. Go […]


Deconstructing the Nihilist

I asked Evan once what he believed. He paused, scissors in one hand, photograph in the other. “Everything,” he said. He touched his tongue to his lip, all his focus flowing to a point, and he snipped a near-perfect circle out of the picture. “What did you do that for?” The picture had been taken […]


The Whole of the Brush

I found Uncle Jim in his workshop at the end of his garden. “Hello, Paul,” he said, “what’s the problem this time?” I blushed at this but he was smiling so I sat on a three-legged stool next to his bench and said, “Julie wants a divorce.” “You’ll have to talk while I work,” he […]


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