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C E Aylett

C E AylettC E Aylett is a British author living in France, in servitude to two kids and a cat. A progeny of the 1990s UK rave culture, she traveled much of the world before settling back in Europe to renovate a house and start a family. Starved of the house and trance music scene, and of music that generally doesn’t involve an accordion, she was bludgeoned with nappies, meal planning, and ABC, plus an enormous amount of cuteness. A compulsion for writing fiction soon emerged to keep her entertained and on the ball. Her tastes are eclectic, and she is just as likely found performing air guitar in the kitchen to Iron Maiden, or caterwauling to Arctic Monkeys, as she is curled up on the sofa reading Her fiction often explores the grayer areas of human nature, varying between dark realism, wry humor and a fascination with the fantastical. Her first published work Feet is available on Kindle.