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Damon Shaw

Damon Shaw is a writer and carpenter living in the Canary Isles with his husband and a menagerie of animals from peafowl to goats. When he can fit it in around puppet-making, classical singing, earning a living, and caring for ducklings, he writes.  His work can be found in various anthologies from Lethe Press, where Seven Lovers and the Sea was reprinted in best-of anthology, Wilde Stories; in Daily Science Fiction, even here in Flash Fiction Online, way back in 2009 with The Door. He has podcasts with the Drabblecast and the Dunesteef. Currently, he is staring at the sprawling mess of what was a short story but is now *coughs* a novella, or perhaps even *trembles* a novel, about polar-bear aliens with one nostril murdering each other before the long night falls… He is cautiously optimistic about the outcome.”