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Redfern Jon Barrett

Redfern Jon Barrett is a writer and activist. Originally from the North of England, Redfern was raised in market towns, seaside resorts, and post-industrial cities, before gaining a Literature Ph.D. from the University of Wales. After moving to Berlin, they wrote the novels Forget Yourself and The Giddy Death of the Gays & the Strange Demise of Straights (nominated for a Lambda Literary Award; finalist in the Bisexual Book Awards). Redfern’s stories are featured in literary magazines The Sun and Passages North (upcoming 2019) and exhibited at the National Museum of Denmark. Their nonfiction writing has featured in Guernica, PinkNews, and Strange Horizons.

As a polyamory rights activist, Redfern’s campaigns and personal life have been referenced throughout the British and international press, including The Independent, Metro, The Mirror, Buzzfeed, and (alas) The Telegraph and The Daily Mail. With far too many ties to queer, polyamorous, and pagan communities, Redfern is drawn to the eccentric and the exceptional. Find out more at

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