It’s Official

I feel a little bit like Steve Martin in The Jerk — you know, that scene where he first sees his name in the phone book? — because we received our International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) from the Library of Congress. (The Library administers the program in the US, but it is, as the name […]

Going Live Tomorrow

We go live on the first Tuesday or Thursday of every month, so you’ll see stories updated sometime tomorrow, February 3, 2009. New stories by Jay Lake, Robert Borski, and Tony Rogers, along with Bruce Holland Rogers’s column and a classic from Punch.

Podcast RSS error

I just realized that I had the Podcast RSS pointing to the development machine instead of the live machine. Sorry about that. “What the Moon Brings” by H.P. Lovecraft and “James Brown [etc.]” by Stefanie Freele are both now live and working.

Line-up for January

January’s line-up includes three stories: * Mike Resnick’s “The Fallen Angel”* Stefanie Freele’s “The Flood of ’09”* Robin Gillespie’s “As Their Eyes Touched God”* A Classic Flash by Anton Chekhov, “An Enigmatic Nature” Mike’s piece is a reprint, but (a) it’s an out-of-print almost-20-year-old story, (b) it’s a really good story, and (c) Mike is […]

Flash Fiction Online story wins First Annual Micro Award!

This is cross-posted from News and Headlines, since it’s both news (which goes on News and Headlines) and site-specific (which goes here). Congratulations to Bruce Holland Rogers for winning the First Annual Micro Award with his story, “Reconstruction Work“! We published this story in our very first issue, barely making the Micro Award deadline. It […]

Modified Publishing Schedule

Starting in September (our next issue), we’ll be shifting our publication schedule to the first Tuesday of the month. Thus, our next issue will launch on 9/2. We have three great new stories (“Beyond The Pale” takes us to a bar and a question; “Just One Thing” is an insight into a Mexican family and […]