Hello? Hey – it’s for you – Hollywood is calling

While searching for some local writing gigs on Craigslist, I came across this interesting listing. A Chicago-based production company is seeking Flash Fiction stories for a film adaptation. It’s not a paying gig from what the listing says, but you’d receive sole story credit and a copy of the film if your work is selected. […]

Modified Publishing Schedule

Starting in September (our next issue), we’ll be shifting our publication schedule to the first Tuesday of the month. Thus, our next issue will launch on 9/2. We have three great new stories (“Beyond The Pale” takes us to a bar and a question; “Just One Thing” is an insight into a Mexican family and […]

“Apologies All Around” Live at Drabblecast

Norm Sherman at Drabblecast has released his podcast of Apologies All Around by Jeff Soesbe, which was originally published in our February issue. And even if you read it here already, it’s so worth the sitcom treatment than Norm gives it — funny and a little campy and totally different without mocking it or being […]

We’re on CNN!

Well, CNN.com, anyway: Consequently there has been a proliferation of “flash fiction” on the Web, with E-zines and dedicated sites like Flash Fiction Online showcasing the talents of writers like Bruce Holland Rogers. I knew that if my boring-but-descriptive name put us high up in Google it would be worth it… 🙂

Review at SFRevu.com

Many thanks as always to Sam Tomaino for his ever-so-brief reviews of our ever-so-brief stories over at SFRevu. The story he made most note of, interestingly enough, is the oldest: Ambrose Bierce’s “John Mortonson’s Funeral”. While you’re at it, some of you may be interested in the interview with Jay Lake and the review of […]

Good News, Good Stories

Cris of hat-moononline.com is a friend of R.W. Ware’s, and posted a picture that he did of Cris’s crew. It’s a fun Webcomic, too — check it out. David Tallerman, who gave us this month’s “Strive to be Happy” and March’s “The Desert Cold”, is in Hub #57 with a story called “Exodus”. Jeff Soesbe, […]

New Review!

Special thanks to short story reviewer Sam Tomaino (and, of course, editor Gayle Surrette) for a brief review of our brief stories from last month. The problem with reviewing such short stories is that you can’t say too much without giving the whole thing away, and the problem with thanking people for such short reviews […]