News and Headlines Section of Web Site

I’ve created a new “News and Headlines” section of the Web site to handle press releases and other interesting items that are external to Flash Fiction Online — and maybe external to our current time, too. We’ll see. This blog will continue to be used for Flash Fiction Online-related information. Make sense? News and Headlines […]

Classic Cartoons Available Online

If you like classic cartoons, go to Unicorn Media and search on “Betty Boop” or “Felix the Cat”. A press release this morning said that they’re going to be publishing these and other classic videos on the Web, and it looks like at least some of them are up.

Bigfoot Hunters Going to New York

I know that a fair number of people here are fond of speculative fiction, and although it may not be fiction, I thought this press release might amuse or edify: Bigfoot Hunters Heading to Catskill, New York to Investigate Several Sightings of a Family of Bigfoot, June 26-June 28, 2008Expedition to Be Open to Journalists […]

Lineup for July

We’ve solidified the line-up for July, and I couldn’t be happier. We have another story from David Tallerman, who wrote “The Desert Cold” in our March issue — and I actually like this one better than the first, truth be told. (Don’t tell Dave. It would be like playing favorites with his kids.) You can […]

Critique Section of the Flash Forum

There’s a section of the Flash Forum called “Critique My Flash!” It requires registration, so if you’re not in the forum then you can’t see it. If you’d like people to take a look at what you’re writing and provide some feedback, it’s a place to go. Note that, because it’s on a password protected […]

Our Editorial Practices

I recently put some information about our editorial practices in the Flash Forum. I put it there instead of on a separate page to encourage people to ask questions, complain, make suggestions, offer to be a part of the team, and so on. Generally speaking, I like transparency in the editorial process. When things aren’t […]

Five Star Literary Stories

I just found a great site called Five Star Literary Stories, run by three-time Pushcart nominee T.J. Forrester. I don’t suppose it’s shocking, with a name like that and an editor with those credentials, that it focuses on literary fiction (as opposed to science fiction, thrillers, etc.). It might be especially beneficial if you don’t […]