For Writers: The Turkey City Lexicon

I’ve just created a nicely formatted version of the Turkey City Lexicon and made it available from my Goodies page. The Turkey City Lexicon is a copyright-free collection of gaffes, stylistic problems, and other issues that face writers every day. I’m not talking about misplaced modifiers or point-of-view inconsistencies, but higher-level issues. Here are a […]

For Webmasters: “My IP Neighbors”

Okay, this has nothing to do with writing, but it has something to do with hosting an online ‘zine (or online anything else, for that matter). A while back I had to write to AT&T to get them to allow my email to go through to (or was it .net?) email addresses. I assume […]

Announcing: New Column by Bruce Holland Rogers

I’m thrilled to announce that, starting with our June issue, Bruce Holland Rogers will contribute a monthly column called “Short-Short Sighted: Writing the Short-Short Story”. Bruce is an award-winning writer and a teacher, and may be best known as a writer of extremely short stories. (If you doubt it, visit his web site, “”. 🙂 […]

Use the New Social Networking Tools to Promote Flash Fiction Online

When I launched this issue, I added buttons for Digg, Stumble Upon, and Using these buttons will promote the stories we publish here, and you can add comments as well. This is good overall for Flash Fiction Online, and can also help you highlight the stories that you personally like the most. I generated […]

Subscribe to Pam Casto’s Flash Fiction Flash Newsletter

If you’re a writer who’s interested in Flash Fiction, and you haven’t subscribed to Pam Casto’s Flash Fiction Flash newsletter, hie thee to to get on her mailing list. It has enough really good information in it to make it worth the three-minute read once per month.

Review by Sam Tomaino at SFRevu

Sam Tomaino at SFRevu kindly reviewed our April issue a few days ago. I thank him for his kind words, summed up like this: “I got a big kick out of them and look forward to next month’s issue.” (And here it is, by the way…) Here’s the link.

What is Flash?

I really like this quote from an interview with Vanessa Gebbie over at Smokelong Quarterly: Great flashes are diamond stuff. Perfect. They don’t leave the reader hanging, or assume another role. Strong, resonant stories packed into non-safety matchboxes. I have a strong emotional pull to the form. It feels very natural. I’m sure they are […]

R.W. Ware’s Wares

Our artist-in-residence, R.W. Ware, is a tattoo artist. He’s going to the Down East Tattoo Show (DETS) in Bangor, Maine, this weekend. He’s blogged about it — along with the latest FLash Fiction Online offering and his Writers of the Future entry (busy contest-oriented week for him!) — and you might like to check out […]

Submission Guidelines Changes

Publisher’s Note: Seriously, folks, I’m not sure what internet-SEO-magic resurrected this ancient page, but it’s not the drone you’re looking for. THIS is the drone you’re looking for. We just made some changes to what we will publish. Quoting from the new guidelines page: As of 3/25/2008, we are no longer accepting submissions for stories […]