On Romance and Horror

…not that I’m intimating that they’re closely related or anything. 😉 This post is for writers rather than readers. Over the past six weeks we’ve received about 300 submissions. Thanks to everyone who has given us a try, and I’d like to offer my encouragement even to those whose stories I’ve rejected. It looks like […]

Geek Giving

It’s a new year. We’ve made resolutions to do more, do more with less, do less, give of ourselves more, and give ourselves less. It can be hard to find innovative ways to contribute to the community with busy schedules and limited financial resources. While Flash Fiction Online publishes a variety of genres, many of […]

Digital Publishing and the Kindle

Perhaps you’ve been on an archeological dig and haven’t heard about the Amazon Kindle (or the Sony Reader, for that matter). I’m not here to sell you one (although if you want to buy one, please feel free to use our affiliate links). But I do get a kick out of having a Flash Fiction […]

R.W. Ware on the Preditors & Editors Art Poll

If you’ve read the past two issues of Flash Fiction Online, you’ve seen the artwork that accompanies each story. It has been relevant and tastefully done in different media to match each story. It’s mature, sensitive, appropriate art through-and-through. That excellence has been achieved through the toil of our art director and resident artist, Rich […]

Allegory and Symbolism

Mark, a member of the editorial team, enjoyed Boleslaw Prus’s Mold of the Earth quite a bit. It highlighted something interesting about the relationship of allegory and symbolism. He wrote an essay about that relationship, and I liked it enough to publish it, so here it is.

Hemingway as a Flash Fiction Writer

Guy Hogan has been encouraging us here at FFO since the day we went live — thanks very much, Guy. He runs a blog at http://flashfictionnow.blogspot.com, and I want to highlight one really interesting thing he’s doing: picking apart Hemingway as a flash writer. You can find the Hemingway series tagged here: http://flashfictionnow.blogspot.com/search/label/Hemingway I especially […]

About the Flash Fiction Online Blog

You may know that we went live with the Flash Fiction Online site on December 1, 2007. We’d like to stay in touch with our readers, so starting on January 1, 2008, we’ll be doing that here. I’ll be responding to emails that need a public response, and other staff members will contribute posts about […]