Flash Interview With Aimee Picchi

I had a nice chat with author Aimee Picchi, so nice in fact, that I felt compelled to share with y’all. SM: Thank you for doing this interview, Aimee. Tell our readers a little about yourself! AP: In a nutshell, I’m a business journalist who used to be a classical musician, and, when quite young, […]

Flash Interview With Elijah Lucian

Today, Flash Fiction Online’s Stefan Milicevic is talking with voice actor Elijah Lucian, who lends his voice to the FFO podcast. Stefan asked some questions, but being charming and Canadian, Elijah didn’t mind at all.                                              […]

Sometimes We Get It Wrong…

I would like to apologize to our Australian readers including Australian Aborigines and to anyone who’s felt the sting of cultural appropriation. I would like to thank the people who pointed out to me that words I published were hurtful. You are right. I’m sorry. As writers, we’re encouraged to step into someone else’s shoes, […]