Micro-Fiction – Writing the Short Short Story

Flash Fiction Online celebrates the art of writing flash fiction and short stories within the constraint of 1,000 words. I think most of us, if not all, can agree that flash fiction pieces that are written well manage to follow a momentous tale from beginning to end seamlessly, in which a character shows growth/change. What […]

Adopt-An-Author Day…

Today’s post isn’t about writing. I promise.  So all of you non-writerly dear hearts can stop your screaming conga line toward the exits now.  Because today’s for you. Seriously. Because if you have a writer friend and you’ve smelled them after a hardcore round of gushing the imaginary voices onto the page, then you know […]

Cover Letters 102

  A few days ago Anna posted a blog about Cover Letters 101. So if you haven’t read that go there now… http://flashfictiononline.com/flashblog/2014/03/cover-letters-101.html  Done? Okay. Now I guess we’ll have to call this one Cover Letters 102.  It’s basically a rant, but a good intentioned rant I assure you. I’ll start by treading on some […]