Interview with Flash! Friday founder, Rebekah Postupak

FFO Staffer, Patrick Icasas, had the pleasure of ‘sitting down’ (Who actually does in-person interviews anymore?) with Rebekah over a virtual cup of coffee. Here’s what he learned: Q. Can you tell us a little about Rebekah Postupak and who she is when she’s not writing? A. Like all civilized writers, when not writing I […]

Flex Your Flash Fiction Muscles for Fun with Flash! Friday

by Patrick Icasas, Flash Fiction Online Staff   Some people have drinks on a Friday night. Some go to the movies. Some write flash fiction. The latter is certainly the case for Rebekah Postupak and her friends in the Shenandoah Valley Writers community. An avid author and connoisseur of flash fiction, Rebekah wanted a regular […]

No More Smarmy Sexist Stories.

I wish it was as simple as a blog post. I really do. The truth is that this post probably won’t make a difference in the number of sexist, degrading stories that wind up in the FFO slushpile every month. But I just can’t handle it anymore. So for my own conscience’s sake, I’m stating […]

How to Write Flash Fiction: Screeds Are Not Stories

Hello there! My name is Stefan Milićević, and I am a slush reader. This is the part where you all stand-up and say, “Hello, Stefan“ in a reassuring voice. Do it. Seriously. Do it now. I am a gentle soul. Anyway, a few days ago I joined the Flash Fiction Online team, and I slushed […]

I Need Your Help… aka Save Me From Snorting

I need your help. No, I haven’t fallen down a well. Or been possessed by a disembodied phantom (though that would make for a fabulous story). But I need you. Yes, you. Right there. Not someone else. Not the person you could share this post with. Or their Aunt Mabel. You. Because you’re my reader. […]

Why I Won’t Buy a Story Off Your Blog

I’ve been puttering around over on the Flash Fiction Online side of things (not really… I’ve been busting arse getting tomorrow’s issue loaded but that’s beside the point..) and I’ve noticed quite the trend. Over on the Submissions page, I’m getting a lot, and I mean bucket loads, of questions about digital publication rights, specifically […]

Micro-Fiction – Writing the Short Short Story

Flash Fiction Online celebrates the art of writing flash fiction and short stories within the constraint of 1,000 words. I think most of us, if not all, can agree that flash fiction pieces that are written well manage to follow a momentous tale from beginning to end seamlessly, in which a character shows growth/change. What […]

Adopt-An-Author Day…

Today’s post isn’t about writing. I promise.  So all of you non-writerly dear hearts can stop your screaming conga line toward the exits now.  Because today’s for you. Seriously. Because if you have a writer friend and you’ve smelled them after a hardcore round of gushing the imaginary voices onto the page, then you know […]

Haven’t I Met You Before?

Our last post dealt with women being typecast in reoccurring roles. But this one will be a bit more general. I’ve complied a list of a few characters that will fast track you to the rejection pile. They always have the same obstacles, and they slip in and out of our minds without leaving a […]

Buxom Bosoms and Chainmail Bras in Fiction…Or Not.

If I have to explain the title of this blog post, then you’ve probably been living on a different planet for, well, most of humanity. Far too often in the slush pile, I read disturbingly violent stories about women.  Some even turn my stomach and leave me wondering how someone could write such a thing. […]