“Egocentric Orbit” by John Cory

Near the end of his fifteenth orbit as Greenland slipped by noiselessly below, he made the routine measurements that tested the operation of his space capsule and checked the automatic instruments which would transmit their stored data to Earth on his next pass over Control. Everything normal; all mechanical devices were operating perfectly. This information […]

In This Issue: An August Occasion

That July issue? Yeah, I meant August. But with this issue, we move from a mid-monthly schedule back to a first-of-the-month schedule, which seems to suit readers and publishers somewhat better than our previous pattern. We’ve tried to make sure it was worth the wait, though. We have some great stories lined up for you, […]

Rumpelstiltskin in Love by K.C. Norton

His love is alchemy; his touch transmutes. I turn to gold at his faintest glance. “Do I have a mother?” he asks me. He is precocious. Every father thinks his son is special, but I know. His eyelashes are so fine they are almost transparent. His skin is the color of ripe wheat. He is […]

“Fifty-Year-Old Face” by Kurt Newton

I’ve been lugging it around for years… rolled up and stuffed in my gym bag… tucked in the hollows of old sneakers kept under the bed. For the longest time I “hid” it in my sock drawer wrapped in plastic like an unopened 3-pack. There were times throughout my life I’d take it out, unfurl […]

“Beyond Long Radio” by Andy Dudak

Jude and Immogen float in their ship’s sensorium, holding hands and viewing the Schwarzschild radius stamped on the star field before them. The ring of detoured light surrounds a profound blackness that whispers faintly with Hawking radiation. Jude has pondered this quantum flaw in relativity for a long time, as he has pondered death and […]

“A Bivouac of the Dead” by Ambrose Bierce

Away up in the heart of the Allegheny mountains, in Pocahontas county, West Virginia, is a beautiful little valley through which flows the east fork of the Greenbrier river. At a point where the valley road intersects the old Staunton and Parkersburg turnpike, a famous thoroughfare in its day, is a post office in a […]

July Issue Coming Soon

Last month didn’t work out well for your humble publisher because he was embroiled in silly things. He did intend to get an issue live by the middle of July, however. That’s still coming, in just a few days. Not to worry — flash marches on.

Happy Mothers Day!

Here are a few May trifles for Mothers Day: “Bringing Jamie Home” by Margaret Frey, a literary piece; “Dear Sunshine” by Michelle Denham, a fantasy; and a Classic Flash from Punch. For the Classic, we had some difficulties finding a good story specifically about mothers, so we gave you the next best thing — the […]

“Bringing Jamie Home” by Margaret Frey

They brought Jamie home in the shirt Addie had mended, the tiny stitches on the right cuff black with soot. The socks she had darned the night before, the heels having grown thin, were scorched and ragged. His work boots had been blown off, the men said. But it was the watch that broke her. […]

“Dear Sunshine” by Michelle Denham

When he was born he had exactly six minutes of normal living. For those six minutes he was loved, cosseted and crooned over by midwives and nurses. He entered the world feeling cautious but very comfortable. Then he opened his eyes. A few of the nurses shrieked; some ran away. “What is it?” his mother […]