July Issue Coming Soon

Last month didn’t work out well for your humble publisher because he was embroiled in silly things. He did intend to get an issue live by the middle of July, however. That’s still coming, in just a few days. Not to worry — flash marches on.

Happy Mothers Day!

Here are a few May trifles for Mothers Day: “Bringing Jamie Home” by Margaret Frey, a literary piece; “Dear Sunshine” by Michelle Denham, a fantasy; and a Classic Flash from Punch. For the Classic, we had some difficulties finding a good story specifically about mothers, so we gave you the next best thing — the […]

“Bringing Jamie Home” by Margaret Frey

They brought Jamie home in the shirt Addie had mended, the tiny stitches on the right cuff black with soot. The socks she had darned the night before, the heels having grown thin, were scorched and ragged. His work boots had been blown off, the men said. But it was the watch that broke her. […]

“Dear Sunshine” by Michelle Denham

When he was born he had exactly six minutes of normal living. For those six minutes he was loved, cosseted and crooned over by midwives and nurses. He entered the world feeling cautious but very comfortable. Then he opened his eyes. A few of the nurses shrieked; some ran away. “What is it?” his mother […]

“The Model Husband Contest” from Punch

SCENE THE FIRST—At the GALAHAD-GREENS’. Mrs. G.-G. GALAHAD! Mr. G.-G. (meekly). My love? Mrs. G.-G. I see that the proprietors of All Sorts are going to follow the American example, and offer a prize of £20 to the wife who makes out the best case for her husband as a Model. It’s just as well, […]

In This Issue: March 2013

There’s something about March in the northern hemisphere.  Something bleak, something hopeful, something decidedly cold and warm, wet and dry, all at once. To give a fictional face to that contradiction, I’ve chosen Dave Tallerman’s “For Life,” a tale of a man coping with grief and a grieving father, and Alisa Alering’s “Keith Crust’s Lucky […]

“Keith Crust’s Lucky Number” by Alisa Alering

Keith thought he was looking for a new guitar. The brass numbers, 2281, nailed above the door of Vic’s E-Z Pawn told him to go in. He trusted the numbers. If you added 2+2+8+1 you got 13, which was lucky, because that’s how old he was when he started. Keith pushed open the door. “Help […]

“For Life” by David Tallerman

May. A new job in a new city. A rented flat in the outskirts, where the streets are greased with litter and a cold wind blows endlessly, seemingly out of nowhere. I find the park on the third day, and it truly feels like a discovery. No one goes there except a half-dozen interchangeable old […]

Classic Flash: “Violets” by Alice Dunbar Nelson

I. “And she tied a bunch of violets with a tress of her pretty brown hair.” She sat in the yellow glow of the lamplight softly humming these words. It was Easter evening, and the newly risen spring world was slowly sinking to a gentle, rosy, opalescent slumber, sweetly tired of the joy which had […]

Better Late Than Never

Who knew stories so short could take so long? Jake here. After a hard drive crash, data loss, failed installations of a few content management systems, and a generally rotten few months, we have to get publishing again, even if we go a little, ahem, minimalist. We have two new little gems for you: “The […]