Flash Fiction Opportunities

Here are two opportunities for SF writers and, in due course, readers. Science magazine Cosmos soon will open another of their prestigious short story competitions, the winner’s story to be published in a print edition, and the runners up in an online edition. Frequently, these are flash fiction contests. Cosmos regularly publishes short SF. At […]

Elizabeth Moon On RFID Chips

The prima materia of many a science fiction story, and tweaker of not a few personal rights advocates and readers of the Bible, RFID chips implanted at birth would, for example, end personal identity predicaments and improve friend-or-foe determination on the battlefield, says Nebula Award winner Elizabeth Moon. Here is a short BBC article on […]

FFO Alumnus Stefanie Freele Publishes Short Story Collection

Stefanie Freele published two flash stories here (1 2) at Flash Fiction Online. We’re glad to note that she’s recently published a short story collection, Surrounded by Water, with Press 53. Stories in this collection received much note: first and second places in Glimmer Train fiction contests, a 2010 Million Writers Notable Story Award,  an […]

FFO Staff Publications

I presume that many writers like to see magazine editors and slush pile readers out there trying to publish, too. It’s both a humbling and educational experience. So here are recent publications of the FFO staffers I’ve heard from so far. I’ve got no problem putting mine at the top of the list: William Highsmith, […]

SFRevu of Flash Fiction Online Feb. Issue

Sam Tomaino at SFRevu has reviewed Flash Fiction Online’s February 2012 issue. Thanks, Sam. The Feb. 2012 issue had three new flash stories, including: Surface Tension by KJ Kabza, Lovestruck by Zach Shephard, and Classic Flash: Man May Love by Robert Sharp Speaking of Surface Tension, Sam said, “A very good, subtly written tale.”. See […]

Six Questions For…Editors and Slush Readers

Author and blogger Jim Harrington has been asking editors and slush pile readers to “list, in excruciating details, all that each desires in his/her stories.” Good idea. He poses this request in the form of six question and–not unreasonably–gathers his continuing responses at the Six Question For… blog. Jim has posted a response from FFO […]

Congratulations to FFO Alumnus KJ Kabza

KJ Kabza has been busy lately. Not just busy, but productively busy. He has a story in the current issue of Flash Fiction Online, entitled Surface Tension. He also has a novelette in the March/April issue of the The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction, entitled “Gnarly Times at Nana’ite Beach.” As of the time […]

Ralan.com–Great Info Site for Writers & Readers

Ralan.com is a must-see for writers to find out what’s going on in magazine publishing, online or print. There, writers can find out who’s accepting submissions presently and what they’re looking for. Readers might not know about it, but it’s handy for them, too. They may find publications of interest to them that they’d never […]

SFRevu’s Review of FFO, Jan. 2012 Issue

Sam Tomaino at SFRevu has reviewed Flash Fiction Online‘s January 2012 issue. Thanks, Sam. The Jan. 2012 issue had three new flash stories, including: Sea Ink by Jennifer Linnaea, To Fly a Pig in the Dorseny Sky by Tom Crosshill, and AI Robot by Patrick Dey. Sam also review other short fiction publications, Including Asimov’s […]

Tolkien’s Prose Poor?

CS Lewis would disagree, but–as reported by the Guardian–the Nobel Prize committee declined LOTR for its “second-rate prose.” (Cough.) And don’t miss a slightly shorter work, the Jan. 2012 Flash Fiction Online edition following its reboot efforts.