Libel Tourism Law

This Publishers Weekly article reports President Obama’s signing of a libel tourism law. Libel tourism is the practice of shopping around the world courts for those that are more friendly to libel cases. So, instead of suing an American author in an American court, in the example given in the article, you’d sue them in […]

Problems with email on 10/15?

I’m running through queries right now, and three of them from the past several days relate to rejections that I sent on 10/15/09. I’m resending all critical emails from that day (about 25 of them) because that’s a bit too much of a coincidence for me. I apologize for whatever glitch caused the problem.

Editorial Calendar Through November

Here’s the editorial calendar for the next few months. This doesn’t include Bruce Holland Rogers’ contributions or the Classic Flashes. I publish on the first Tuesday or Thursday of the month, whichever comes first. August: Going live on 8/4* There Are No Great Truths Here — Danielle Friedman* Purpose — R.W. Ware* A Taste For […]

Publication Questions

I just responded to an email that I thought I’d reprint here: > Do you publish authors who have not yet been published? Yes, often. The competition is fierce, though. > How do I copyright my story? By current US law, you own copyright the moment you write your piece. When I publish it, I […]

Two Important Items

First: Hopefully this won’t last long, but between an initial backlog and a serious email glitch that has hampered my efforts to track submissions, I am closing the magazine to submissions. I anticipate being reopened by the end of the month. Second, and related: There is now a separate email for queries. Please send all […]