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Give Bruce Holland Rogers a Kickstart

Bruce Holland Rogers is well known to FFO fans; he wrote a monthly flash fiction column, published by Flash Fiction Online, for a couple of years. Among his writing awards are a Pushcart, two Nebulas, Bram Stoker and others. He’s one of a few to try to make a living of short fiction.

Now he’s starting a short-short (flash) publishing project via KickStarter. If you aren’t familiar with, it’s just cool, is what it is. It is a crowd funding group that favors creative projects, including all the arts, technology and others. The ‘crowd’ is a growing group of people who chip in a little bit or a lot for some project that appeals to them, just to be part of something cool. There are small, non-equity rewards, but that’s not the point.

Take a look at Bruce Holland Rogers’ 49: a square of stories for hip people. Don’t be left behind; he’s almost halfway home.

Digital Publishing and the Kindle

Perhaps you’ve been on an archeological dig and haven’t heard about the Amazon Kindle (or the Sony Reader, for that matter). I’m not here to sell you one (although if you want to buy one, please feel free to use our affiliate links). But I do get a kick out of having a Flash Fiction Online original available for download. It only costs a dollar (I can’t make it cheaper, and since I won’t have any advertising opportunities on the Kindle it makes sense to charge something), and it has the same text and illustration by R.W. Ware as the original. Neat, huh?

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