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It’s Official

I feel a little bit like Steve Martin in The Jerk — you know, that scene where he first sees his name in the phone book? — because we received our International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) from the Library of Congress. (The Library administers the program in the US, but it is, as the name implies, an identifier that’s recognized worldwide.) It’s a minor thing that happens automatically if you apply, but it’s still kinda cool to be official.

We are now officially ISSN 1946-1712.

(Flash prompt for you writers out there: read the two four-digit components as the birth and death dates of a time-traveling protagonist, born 1946 and died 1712.)

If any other ‘zines are wondering how long it takes, they received my application on 11/20/2008, and I received the response this morning, 2/7/2009.

We’re on CNN!

Well,, anyway:

Consequently there has been a proliferation of “flash fiction” on the Web, with E-zines and dedicated sites like Flash Fiction Online showcasing the talents of writers like Bruce Holland Rogers.

I knew that if my boring-but-descriptive name put us high up in Google it would be worth it… 🙂

Wikipedia Entry

When I first launched Flash Fiction Online, I tried to put up a Wikipedia entry that described what I was trying to do. It got deleted as blatant advertising, even though I thought it was pretty objective about…well, about the site’s objectives.

I’ve tried again, and it’s been up for about a day with no complaints. Maybe this time it’ll stick.

Here’s the link to the Wikipedia entry for Flash Fiction Online. I’m wide open to adding things that people think would be good to add — in fact, given the way Wikipedia works, you can add it yourself!

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