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SF Writers’ Imaginings about 2012

In 1987, some science fiction writers of note made a time capsule of their expectations for 2012, as reported by the gizmag tech blog.  So now the cork has been popped from the capsule. What did they think? Mutant avengers take over the world? Dead atmosphere? Elvis returns to finish what he had begun? The experiment looked ahead only twenty-five years, so it’s surprising what some of the conclusions were.

I won’t tread on the original blogger’s turf much, but one prediction has an interesting note in today’s news. The Mars explorer craft, Curiosity, landed today, unmanned and unwomaned. One time-capsule prediction was that there would be Mars and moon bases by now. That prediction was off by half, at least.

The time capsule was the baby of the Writers of the Future folks.


Flash Fiction Opportunities

Here are two opportunities for SF writers and, in due course, readers. Science magazine Cosmos soon will open another of their prestigious short story competitions, the winner’s story to be published in a print edition, and the runners up in an online edition. Frequently, these are flash fiction contests. Cosmos regularly publishes short SF. At the time of writing, they have a Ray Bradbury story…yeah, I heard of him.

A long-standing online literary and genre quarterly magazine, Eclectica, is sponsoring a flash fiction competition for stories under 800 words, any theme, for their October/November issue.

Interested writers may find out more about these contests via Circalit, who helps writers manage their writing projects, and who is providing submissions support for the Cosmos competition and the Eclectica competition.


We’re on CNN!

Well,, anyway:

Consequently there has been a proliferation of “flash fiction” on the Web, with E-zines and dedicated sites like Flash Fiction Online showcasing the talents of writers like Bruce Holland Rogers.

I knew that if my boring-but-descriptive name put us high up in Google it would be worth it… 🙂

News and Headlines Section of Web Site

I’ve created a new “News and Headlines” section of the Web site to handle press releases and other interesting items that are external to Flash Fiction Online — and maybe external to our current time, too. We’ll see.

This blog will continue to be used for Flash Fiction Online-related information. Make sense? News and Headlines = non-FFO news, Blog = FFO only. That’s why this post is on the blog, but not in the News section. 🙂

Classic Cartoons Available Online

If you like classic cartoons, go to Unicorn Media and search on “Betty Boop” or “Felix the Cat”. A press release this morning said that they’re going to be publishing these and other classic videos on the Web, and it looks like at least some of them are up.

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