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Archive for the ‘Urban Fantasy’ Category

“Keith Crust’s Lucky Number” by Alisa Alering

Courtesy of "Waving at You" on Flickr:
Courtesy of “Waving at You” on Flickr:

Keith thought he was looking for a new guitar. The brass numbers, 2281, nailed above the door of Vic’s E-Z Pawn told him to go in. He trusted the numbers. If you added 2+2+8+1 you got 13, which was lucky, because that’s how old he was when he started.

Keith pushed open the door.

“Help you?” (more…)

“The Birthday” by Mike McCormick

Dad was carrying a tray of grilled hot dogs across the fresh-cut grass when his knees stiffened and black smoke spewed from his nose. His shoulders lurched forward and his chin swung down and clanged against his chest as more and more black smoke billowed from his open mouth. There was a loud bang and a child’s scream as Dad crashed to the ground face-down, elbows pointed to the sky, his body still locked in the position of a man carrying a tray of hot dogs.


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