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The Last Day of the Faith http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/the-last-day-of-the-faith/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/the-last-day-of-the-faith/#respond Tue, 01 Sep 2020 03:00:43 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6475 On the morning of the last day of the faith, you bring me a bowl of fresh milk and a flower from your garden. Its petals are pristine, even though you had to carry it all the way up to the temple in the pocket of your apron. Every step is a battle now, despite […]

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Psalms http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/psalms/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/psalms/#respond Tue, 01 Sep 2020 03:00:42 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6488 The deer, who is not really a deer, flees. Her heart beats frantic against the prison of her ribs. White froth rises in her mouth to choke her. She dares not slow, though, nor stop to rest. Else the man who loves her will find her again, and there are worse things he can cause […]

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Small Magics http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/small-magics/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/small-magics/#respond Tue, 01 Sep 2020 03:00:20 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6480 Hers are small, hidden magics. Subtle. Deniable. Here and now, she is Elda, a weaver, her shuttle carving magic across the warp and back again, weaving protection into the cloth. She sets her loom outside her cottage, shaded from the summer sun. The scent of flowers is heavy in the air. When she looks up, […]

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The Liar’s Sun http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/the-liars-sun/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/the-liars-sun/#respond Tue, 01 Sep 2020 03:00:16 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6483 Vadis reaches for the ray of light stabbing through the single hole left in the shutters, but her mother grabs her, drags her away from the beam. “Why, mama?” whines Vadis. “I want to see the sun.” Her mother holds her, squishing her with work-hardened arms. Mother’s arms have gotten thinner since father went away, […]

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Holding On http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/holding-on/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/holding-on/#respond Tue, 01 Sep 2020 03:00:12 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6486 A Study in Contrasts — “Hoarders” and “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” I became interested in Marie Kondo some time ago. I bought her book (which I never completely read), watched her television show, and have Kon-Mari-ed my house a couple of times in a desire to purge the excess of our lives from our […]

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Godomatic http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/godomatic/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/godomatic/#respond Sat, 01 Aug 2020 04:00:40 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6455 I met him in a parking lot.  He was unattended, headlights lifted up to the sky, wheels slowly turning, going nowhere.  As I leaned over him to place my hands on his body, his hood ornament snared my cross, and his wheels stopped spinning.  It was not raining, but his wipers drew slow half-circles on […]

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Oracles of Chestnut St. http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/oracles-of-chestnut-st/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/oracles-of-chestnut-st/#respond Sat, 01 Aug 2020 04:00:23 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6459 A long time ago, I knew this guy named Agriellos Angriopoulis. Angry, for short. He lived on the top floor of a crummy old house at the east end of Chestnut Street. The only way to get to his apartment was to climb up the fire escape, into the bathroom window over the tub, but […]

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August http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/august/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/august/#respond Sat, 01 Aug 2020 04:00:19 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6465 Elise goes into the woods behind her house and falls over her dead grandmother. Well, not quite. Elise sneaks into the woods behind her house and trips into the loamy concave of a grave the forest has sucked back beneath her skin. The crude headstone tells Elise that Mary Ann is buried here. No: the […]

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FXXK WRITING: DO IT—TWELVE LESSONS FROM TWENTY YEARS IN THE ARTS | LESSON 12: SPARKS http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/fxxk-writing-sparks/ http://flashfictiononline.com/main/article/fxxk-writing-sparks/#respond Sat, 01 Aug 2020 04:00:14 +0000 http://flashfictiononline.com/main/?post_type=article&p=6469 CW: MENTAL ILLNESS, DEPRESSION, SUICIDE   September 2019  marks the twentieth anniversary of Jay’s decision to become a writer. His gift to you all this celebratory year is DO IT – Twelve hard lessons on learning by failing, succeeding by accident, never giving up and saying FXXK WRITING all at the same time. You’re welcome! […]


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