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Science Fiction

Quote from John Guzlowki's flash fiction mini-novel

The Last Man on Earth Crawls Backs to Life – A Mini-Novel Sequel

Chapter One: The Last Man Sits on the Beach at Midnight The water in front of him was still dark, still rolling, still cold. He knew it would be. It was late May, and on this lake the water was always cold — even in August. Sitting on the sand, he couldn’t stop shivering, so […]


Science Fiction story by AT Greenblatt

Listen and You’ll Hear Us Speak

There’s this story we like to tell on Deck 3—we, the quiet ones. The voiceless dishwashers and short order cooks and house musicians who scrub and busk in grimy bars on a space station full of grimy bars. It’s about a girl who was quiet too. One night, this girl met a trader, just like […]


And All Our Bones Were Dust

And All Our Bones Were Dust

She takes another bite of her salad as the restaurant around us crumbles into ash. A sip at the glass of merlot beside her plate as the picture windows shatter, shards raining down across the dark hardwood floor. The tables near the door disappear into flames, then the servers and diners go up in smoke […]


Robot graveyard in story by Jared Cooper

What Lasts

Step 1: Dig for parts in the Gearwoman’s scrapyard, through dead frames and the rotted pages of old schematics. Find one of her bots, with thin limbs not yet rusted, intact and broken like yourself. Collect, and run away. * * * Step 2: With no schematic, put him back together. Shape his face with […]


Three Ways to Ruin Your Best Friend's Birthday by Andrea Corbin

Three Ways to Ruin Your Best Friend’s Birthday (and How She Fixes It)

The first big one was when I took my best friend to see the solar eclipse over New York in 1925. I thought it was a great idea, me and Nisha standing in the middle of the Bronx in drop-waist dresses and cloche hats, bundled in woolen coats against the January cold. Nisha adored historical […]


Proceedings from the One Woman Symposium

Proceedings from the First and Only Sixteenth Annual One-Woman Symposium on Time Manipulation

Hello, and welcome once again to the first and only sixteenth annual one-woman symposium on time manipulation. This year’s theme is “Collapsing Space; Expanding Time.” Our speakers, as we all know, are Dr. Mirai Keiko (iterations 1 through 16). All presentations are to have been held in the hotel’s ballroom earlier this morning from 9:00am […]


Plain Jane Knits a Wormhole by Wendy Nikel


None of it would’ve happened if Jane had known how to pick up a dropped stitch, and that’s exactly I told Pastor when he popped in to investigate the peculiar noises coming from the Fellowship Hall. But he asked me, as head of the Martha Society, to write a blurb for the bulletin explaining the […]


no image

The Law of the Conservation of Hair

That it has long been our joke that our hair lengths are inversely proportional, and cannot exceed the same cumulative mass it possessed on the day we met; That our faith was bound by this same Law, your exuberant pantheism balanced against my quiet nihilism; That this Law does not apply to beards; That you […]


The day Vivek left, she strung her mouth up into a smile, as mothers learn to do.


Mrs. Bhatia was five when the first colony began on Mathuria. On her birthday, her father started a savings account in her name and began working nights and weekends to fund it. She was sixteen when he got lung cancer, the year before the government mandated the use of respirators outdoors. “Today, Delhi is uninhabitable. […]


The Stars that Fall

  When Sara asks me if I wanted to go doom-spotting, I say yes. Of course I say yes. The Edge Lookout is dark and rocky and romantic, and I usually say yes to anything Sara suggests. And I’ve been addicted to doom-hunting ever since I was nine and got my first telescope. “Why do […]


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