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Science Fiction

Proceedings from the One Woman Symposium

Proceedings from the First and Only Sixteenth Annual One-Woman Symposium on Time Manipulation

Hello, and welcome once again to the first and only sixteenth annual one-woman symposium on time manipulation. This year’s theme is “Collapsing Space; Expanding Time.” Our speakers, as we all know, are Dr. Mirai Keiko (iterations 1 through 16). All presentations are to have been held in the hotel’s ballroom earlier this morning from 9:00am […]


Plain Jane Knits a Wormhole by Wendy Nikel


None of it would’ve happened if Jane had known how to pick up a dropped stitch, and that’s exactly I told Pastor when he popped in to investigate the peculiar noises coming from the Fellowship Hall. But he asked me, as head of the Martha Society, to write a blurb for the bulletin explaining the […]


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The Law of the Conservation of Hair

That it has long been our joke that our hair lengths are inversely proportional, and cannot exceed the same cumulative mass it possessed on the day we met; That our faith was bound by this same Law, your exuberant pantheism balanced against my quiet nihilism; That this Law does not apply to beards; That you […]


The day Vivek left, she strung her mouth up into a smile, as mothers learn to do.


Mrs. Bhatia was five when the first colony began on Mathuria. On her birthday, her father started a savings account in her name and began working nights and weekends to fund it. She was sixteen when he got lung cancer, the year before the government mandated the use of respirators outdoors. “Today, Delhi is uninhabitable. […]


The Stars that Fall

  When Sara asks me if I wanted to go doom-spotting, I say yes. Of course I say yes. The Edge Lookout is dark and rocky and romantic, and I usually say yes to anything Sara suggests. And I’ve been addicted to doom-hunting ever since I was nine and got my first telescope. “Why do […]


Cover of Flash Fiction Online Science Fiction Anthology 2016

Flash Fiction Online 2016 Anthology: Volume I – SCIENCE FICTION

Welcome back your favorite science fiction stories from 2016!   Download The Science Fiction Anthology today on your favorite e-reader for on-the-go access to your favorite stories by: John Wiswell Benjamin C. Kinney Joy Kennedy O’Neill Rachael K. Jones Lora Gray Caroline M. Yoachim Michelle Ann King Derrick Boden Gary Emmette Chandler Stewart C Baker Matt […]


Oven range in darkness

Product Recall

ALERT — hummus expired — salad no longer crisp I feel a brush, light as a feather against me. There for a second, then gone.   ALERT — tzatziki to be consumed within forty-eight hours It’s there again tonight. I’m in sleep mode, but it rouses me. A low, gentle hum and then, all too […]


spaceship on the horsehead nebulae

Hinterlight Abbey

  hinterlight, n. 1. The area surrounding the flight vector of a faster-than-light spaceship. Also applied generally to visible emissions from a generation ship in space. * * * The abbot pinged my cell a mere two hours into my sleep shift, leaving me cranky even before I heard his message. Sister Ursula required my […]


Molten Heart

They didn’t want me to look human, so they didn’t give me eyes. They thought if they shaped me like a monster — a hulking ton of red Mars clay, mute and blind — that she wouldn’t love me. They were wrong. * * * The first time I held her, she changed something inside […]


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Quartet of the Far-Blown Winds

Silence is the great divider. Perhaps that is why Melinda wields it so effectively against me. In the silence of space, solar winds flash green, pink and yellow across the gas giant before me, the aurorae twisting like sea worms. Folded nebulae of colour and gravity stretch across the darkness behind it, unimaginable arms of […]


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