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Science Fiction

This is the Sound of the End of the World

This is the sound of the end of the world: a billion voices raised in song, a harmony twisting and ululating around the colossal vibrating bass of the core immolators, twelve shining lances of light from the Yattari ships that pierce the now-dying planet of Korthia at equidistant points and pin it in space like […]



One sample of DNA. One chance to prove herself and silence her peers. Two viable ammonites eventually swim in their tank, juvenile and tiny. Their spiraled shells may be imperfect Golden Ratios, but their erstwhile association with Fibonacci’s sequence drew her to them as a child. The addition of the sequence’s last number to its […]



“Garion, we need to talk.” Garion spread his arms, his Xbox controller in the crook of one hand, freshly opened beer in the other. “Now? I’ve been logged in for three whole seconds. Can I just–”  But Lora’s blonde hair was pulled into a ponytail, and she had her gray sweatpants on. Gray sweatpants talks […]


Space Travel Loses Its Allure When You’ve Lost Your Moon Cup

Zero G and three light years from the nearest drugstore is a shitty time to realize that you left your spare moon cup at the space station. Tonight I lost mine to the relief tube. The stuffy musk-and-lemon smell of the hold was invaded by the sharp tang of blood. I was half-asleep, trying to […]


Thirty-two Years in the Cooler

Some jobs want a reference from your last place of employment or things like that. Adeckar had spent the previous thirty-two years in the Avisan-Taish prison, and before that, he’d worked for people like Big Odacai Naim, “Stumpy” Sein, and Jaccon “Whistling” Fair. They didn’t give references, as they were dead, dead, and serving life […]



We first met in a school gym at 6 pm; the budget wasn’t what it used to be. I found Asher seated at a folding table with all the posture of a corpse. He glanced up, affirming he wasn’t one, but I’d never seen a grown man look so lost. Guess visiting Earth after his […]


Ships and Stars and Childhood Things

Brandilene watched the rockets arrive. The first day of summer and the seasonal staff descended on the sterile cube that dangled in space. Captains and crews followed, towing fine fabrics and tacky trinkets to be weighed and measured and cataloged before being sent on their way, an elaborate assembly line conducted in a gleeful din. […]


The Last Mardi Gras

From the rooftop of the old cathedral, I had a clear view past the Louis Armstrong Park lagoons, all the way to the steel islands of Mid-City. Just like I always remembered New Orleans. Wet. My boat, a cheap scow with a temper as bad as my dead Aunt Sally, thrashed against the current nearby. […]


Concerning your Recent Creation of Sentient Horse-things on the Next Planet Over

Dear Dr. Higglebottem, The board has received troubling reports from a group of hyper-dolphins about your recent activities on Tau Ceti f. These reports claim: 1) that you have created sentient horse-things 2) that said horse-things have created a society wherein success is measured by the amount of hay stockpiled and consumed 3) that said […]


The Disposition Matrix

Evgeny slouched before a computer screen inside a trailer that smelled of hot solder and dog piss. Between him and the screen, his weapons officer for the last three months lay with her head on her paws. She cast a baleful eye on Evgeny as he tore open a package of Chicken and Rice Plov. […]


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